Preparing for the Real World: Learning to Do Interdisciplinary Research

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and so are its challenges. The complex, real-world problems of the twenty-first century are not easily solved with a single discipline. An interdisciplinary approach, however, integrates epistemologies from two or more disciplines to devise solutions using abilities such as critical and strategic thinking, effective communication and collaboration. As such, the knowledge and skills gained in interdisciplinary studies help prepare students for life and work in a globalized world. This portfolio includes our reflections on learning to be interdisciplinary researchers and highlights the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to research and learning. Here students in IDIS 3000 – Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies share their perspectives on the value of interdisciplinarity for their own research and highlight the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed in the course.

We encourage you to browse our reflections on learning to be interdisciplinary researchers and useful tips and tricks for research success.  You will also find links to our research proposals and posters.